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Plátano y Papaya (2019) 12 in x 16 in, Inkjet print, wood

From my Journal Diarios del Fango:

In one of my recent visits to Puerto Rico, I saw a cardboard box at my parents' house. The crate had two handles and did not have a top lid. Inside the box, there was an assortment of plantains and papayas. My mom said: 'It came from your uncle's farm.'

I became fixated on the physical ordinariness of the box. Its content did not look intentional or well placed. Everything about it was rather mundane. That is what is most definitive about my artistic practice that common everyday objects are the most interesting to me.
Of course, these mundane objects that I like to call materials are not everyone's everyday objects. But for me growing up on a small farm was indeed my daily connection to nature.

I see poetry in such objects. Often taken for granted, their design serves as vehicles for our values and may culturally influence generations of our families. I believe everyday things have an impact on the way we think collectively. Objects are representative of who we are. Thus, I react to ordinary objects, and I change along with them.

Plátano y Papaya II (2019) 12 in x 16 in, Inkjet print, wood